Tariff 2017

Gas and Electricity is included in the following tariff.  We do not request a deposit at time of booking but do request full payment one month before arrival date - Thank you.

DateLochsideMountain View

01 April to 06th May£245.00 per week£295.00 per week
06th May to 17th June£295.00 per week£345.00 per week
17th Jun to 15th Jul£325.00 per week£375.00 per week
15th Jul to 19th Aug£395.00 per week£445.00 per week
19th Aug to 26th Aug£325.00 per week£375.00 per week
26th Aug to 29th Sept£245.00 per week£295.00 per week

Extra Items

Dogs: A kennel is provided for your Dog (Lochside only)
Laundry: Laundry is washed and dried and usually if it is dropped off at the house in the evening it will be returned to you the following day.

DateLochsideMountain View
Cot£5.00 pw£5.00 pw
High Chair£5.00 pw£5.00 pw
Animal (dog/horse etc)£10.00 pw (each)N/A
Laundry Service£5.00 per load£5.00 per load